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International: which stands for our international outlook and international business.
the external profile, like”C” which means, we concentration, so, we more professional.
the blue circle with the connected straight, that is a transformative “E”, which is a graphic design for “easy open”, it also stands for our main business.
our whole logo stands for the sea and blue sky, which means broadening and deepening, the middle “I” with red color, stands for“human”, which means all human centered.
in english means ”canned food and can do”, it stands for our company’s main business and our confidence to achieve the goals.
“I” that is me, it stands for”people-oriented”, all depend on the human orientation, with red color highlights this points.

Erican International Ltd. established in 2004, specialized in comprehensive food items.Products cover canned tomato paste, mackerel,sardines, tuna in salt water or oil, seasoning, baked beans in tomato sauce, sweet corn, canned beef, etc. Market covers Africa, Middle east, Southeast Asia,
etc . Customers are enjoying pleasant cooperation with us and rapid progress.We are your advisable choice and reliable partner!

Why cooperate with us:

Quality Guaranteed:
In Africa, our sales start from o to 1000 containers per year, we have accumulated rich experience, we deeply understand the quality is the crucial core of the products, from purchase of raw material to inspection for packing material, our quality control penetrates each step of production, so quality is guaranteed under our meticulous work.

Ability of establishment for a brand:
Since 2005, we keep sensitive to the market; familiar with the consuming habit in local market, professional VI design, all of these will make you easily establish a brand and image in market. Successful case: Strita, Lena, Mega etc.
The promotion items we supply for your brand establishment:Vest bag,ordinary plastic shopping bag;beach umbrella,ordinary umbrella;non-woven cloth bag,Hand fan,Apron,T-shirt,Book,Pen,Transparent adhesive tape,etc.

Quick Response:
We know that some unexpected incidents in business could happen at any time and require settlement in time. Our team is 24h-response, any of your question and request can be responded at any time, any emergency can be settled in time.

Excellent Service in Shipment:
Good relationship with shipping companies, like CMA, MSK ,etc.Demurrage free, container deposit free, flexible operation in BL, all of these are the service you can enjoy when you cooperate with us.

Flexible Payment:

T/T, LC, DP, are negotiable

Professional can food supplier!

Exact understanding for cooperation, Grasp the exact demand of market

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